Pre-Sales Support

What you get when you become a solution provider for digital signage.

With our Pre-Sales Support, we help you every step of the way.

Supporting our partners starts with pre-sales support. We ensure our partners are fully prepared with all the tools, training, and information that they'll require to be successful. We add our personal assistance and expertise where required to help drive success.

Support includes:

Joint customer meetings

  • Join customer meetings to assist with solution presentation and technical questions
  • Assist with software demo

Exploring best practices

  • Conduct training session with your sales team to communicate the best digital signage customer engagement practices
  • Help identifying key contacts
  • Discuss what questions to ask
  • Strategize for different types of clients

Articulating investment protection

  • Assist in preparing ROI statement
  • Articulate how we can help improve organizational communication and efficiency

Scaled roll-outs

  • Assist in project management of large scale roll-outs
  • Work with partners and clients to ensure all timelines are met

Presenting final solutions to your clients

  • Assist in preparing quotes for hardware software and installations
  • Tailor proposals to fit the client's project requirements
  • Prepare other necessary information such as mockups, installation details, etc.

Prospecting help

  • Schedule a prospecting session to review the current customer base and help identify potential opportunities

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Become a solution provider for digital signage.

With the Corum Digital Partner Program, you become a solution provider for digital signage. This tool will open up a new way to engage with your customers.

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