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A total video wall solution for any Business environment


The firmCHANNEL platform has the built-in flexibility to support a wide range of multi-screen configurations including non-standard setups. If you are looking for a real wow factor, we have purpose built video wall players for video walls extending from simple 1 x 2 configurations to 8 x 4 configurations that can span a massive 30 feet.

Communicate your message with stunning 4K by including vivid images and eye-catching video

Video walls are a powerful way to break through the clutter and engage with your intended audience. firmCHANNEL video walls use ultra-thin, eco-friendly video walls. Our complete solution includes a wide range of advanced display panels, robust management software, and media players to suit almost any need and budget. firmCHANNEL video walls are used by leading retailers, airports, businesses, public venues and educational facilities around the world.

Video Walls are a powerful way to break through the clutter and engage with your intended audience.

You can

  • Communicate your message with stunning 4K by including vivid images and eye-catching video
  • Video walls are easy to design with a new multi-screen option within Content Designer
  • Flexibility to display different content on each screen, or show one full image along with feeds and social media platforms
  • Video walls provide great entertainment value when watching sports or events, resulting in engaged customers
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Ultimate Picture Quality

Ultimate Picture Quality

Achieve Ultimate Picture Quality through Advanced Factory Calibration

Narrow Bezel

Captivate Audiences through a Narrow Bezel and Optimized Panel Design

Ultra-High Definition

Achieve UHD Picture Quality without Additional Devices through Industry-Leading Technology
High Performing

High-Performing Display Readability

Designed for 24/7 continuous operation in challenging environments.

Seamless Installation

A Slim, Easily Configurable Wall Mount Adaptive to your Business Needs

firmCHANNEL uses ultra-thin, eco-friendly video walls.


VWK-46EB-4 - 46"

500Nit 3.5mm Narrow Bezel 1k

  • Ultra-narrow 3.5mm bezel-to-bezel design for a near-seamless appearance of the video wall
  • Clear message through an anti-glare panel (haze 44%), with reliable 24/7 operation

VWK-55EB - 55"

500Nit 3.5mm Narrow Bezel 1k

A cost-effective, 24/7 videowall display solution featuring ultra-narrow bezels.

VWK-46EA - 46"

700Nit 3.5mm Narrow Bezel 1k

A cost-effective videowall display solution featuring ultra-narrow bezels.

VWK-55FE - 55"

700Nit 1.7mm Ultra-Narrow Bezel 1k

Featuring an extreme narrow 1.7mm bezel for virtually seamless videowall matrices.
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Visual communication is our passion.

We live and breathe Digital Visual Communication. We have a great team of experts who know the technology and what it takes to make your digital signage network successful.


firmChannel is here when you need it.

If you are looking for more information on our reseller program or would like to be a reseller, please fill out the Reseller form. If you require assistance from our Support team, you can reach out with the contact information below.


Tel: 519-800-0831
Toll Free: 1-800-561-7525


What is firmCHANNEL?
firmCHANNEL is easy to use yet powerful and robust enough to handle any sized network, anywhere in the world, right from a browser. It has the tools to remotely troubleshoot and maintain media players and it’s supported by a great team of people with a ton of experience. Training and support is always included, and our team is here to help you with any client issues.
What are some of the technologies offered?
There are so many technologies you can add to the platform. Anything from impressive video walls to Wayfinding that will make a huge impact for your audience. Get more insights with Anonymous Analytics and increase engagement with interactive kiosks. We are always adding to our technologies, so if there is something you are looking for, let us know!
Is firmCHANNEL easy to use?
With the firmCHANNEL platform, you can start with something as simple as the drag and drop features. This will easily allow you to create content. As you learn the platform, you can get more sophisticated by adding live news feeds, local weather and your social media accounts. It's a solution you can grow into and not out of!
Why can't I use consumer grade products?
firmCHANNEL always provides its customers with commercial grade products, built for the rigors of 24/7 use. From commercial grade displays to commercial grade media players, cellular routers and mounting systems, we know how important it is that your digital signage stays up and running. Why take the chance with consumer grade products, that were never designed to stay on all the time? Trust the experts, we always have you covered.
I don't have an internet connection. What can you do?
firmCHANNEL was designed from the ground up to take full advantage of cellular networks. We utilize commercial cellular routers to ensure your connection stays up and your content is always playing. We also have relationships with many cellular providers to get you connected wherever you need, just add power and your content is always up-to-date.