Become a Digital Signage Reseller

Join the firmCHANNEL Reseller Program and transform into a key provider of digital signage solutions. This opportunity allows you to introduce a dynamic new tool into your service offerings, opening innovative avenues to connect and engage with your customers more effectively.

Join as a firmCHANNEL Reseller and embark on a journey to become a leading solution provider in the digital signage industry.

Engage directly with your customers through sales and offer them an extensive array of high-quality digital signage solutions. We equip our resellers with a comprehensive suite of support, including educational programs, training, business development resources, marketing services, and technical assistance before and after the sale, ensuring you have everything needed to succeed.

Benefits of Joining Our Digital Signage Reseller Program

When you join as a Digital Signage Reseller with the Corum Digital Reseller Program, you unlock a gateway to new opportunities, resources to deepen your expertise, and avenues to grow your business. Here’s what you gain:

Client Portal Access

Join the firmCHANNEL Reseller Program and step into the role of a digital signage solution provider.

We've dedicated substantial resources to enhancing our technology and channel programs, all designed to bolster the support we offer our partners. Here’s a glimpse into the benefits:

Leverage Our Digital Signage Expertise

Benefit from our three decades of technology development experience.

Digital Signage: Beyond Fancy Displays

Digital signage transcends the simplicity of advanced displays; it's a sophisticated integration of hardware, software, and technological expertise, all complemented by strategic knowledge tailored to each project.

Decades of Innovation

With over 30 years in technology development, we share our deep-rooted expertise with partners, guiding the effective implementation of digital signage networks to captivate and engage audiences like never before.
Teams of digital signage experts

Expert Guidance

Our team of digital signage experts offers tailored consulting across various sectors, including retail, corporate, education, healthcare, and hospitality, among others. Leveraging extensive industry experience, we provide insights and advice on the most suitable products, services, and strategic placements to maximize the impact of your digital signage.
Support and training

Comprehensive Support and Training

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our Training and Support teams. Part of our R&D department, they possess in-depth product knowledge, ensuring superior support and efficient training to empower our partners.
Planning and installation

Strategic Planning and Professional Installation

The success of digital signage also hinges on strategic planning and professional installation. Proper positioning ensures maximum visibility and influence, while expert installation prevents technical issues, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. At firmCHANNEL, our holistic approach encompasses meticulous planning and expert installation, ensuring your digital signage achieves its full potential.

Marketing Support: Expand Your Reach

Utilize our extensive in-house marketing expertise to effectively reach and attract new clients.

Marketing Collateral Resources: Elevate Your Outreach

Unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts with firmCHANNEL’s comprehensive suite of marketing materials. Our resources are designed to be easily branded and adapted, allowing you to amass a vast repository of content for your marketing initiatives. From the outset, our onboarding process includes personalized support from our marketing team, who collaborate closely with you to pinpoint your marketing needs and develop tailored collateral.

Customized Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Should your marketing strategy require a more targeted approach, firmCHANNEL’s in-house marketing experts are at your disposal to craft custom marketing collateral. This bespoke service ensures that you have the precise tools to present proposals that resonate deeply with your audience, even when off-the-shelf materials don’t quite match your vision.

Pre-Sales Support: Guiding You at Every Step

Our dedicated Pre-Sales Support team is committed to assisting you throughout every phase of the journey.

Comprehensive Pre-Sales Support for Partners

At the core of our partnership philosophy is robust pre-sales support, designed to prepare our partners thoroughly for success. From the initial stages of engagement to the final presentation, we're here to equip you with the necessary tools, training, and information, supplemented by our tailored personal assistance and expertise to ensure your success.

Our Pre-Sales Support Includes:

Training & Support: Empowering Your Success

Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to your growth and mastery of digital signage solutions.

Training: Maximizing Digital Signage Potential

At firmCHANNEL, we recognize the importance of fully leveraging our content management system's capabilities and benefits.

That's why we've developed a comprehensive training program aimed at empowering your team with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize all the system's features. While our platform is designed to be intuitive, our dedicated training team is committed to working alongside you, ensuring comfort and proficiency with the system. Our goal is to help you extract the maximum value from your digital signage investment, ensuring optimal performance and impactful results.

Technical Support: Always Here to Help

Understanding that technical queries and challenges can arise, firmCHANNEL offers unwavering support for any hardware or software issues you might encounter.

Our commitment to our partners includes complimentary call-in support and additional training sessions, ensuring you have the necessary assistance without any extra charges.

The firmCHANNEL Customer Success Team is ready to support you from 9 AM to 9 PM EST, providing expert advice and solutions to ensure your digital signage system operates seamlessly. Whether you have a pressing technical question or need a refresher on certain functionalities, our team is here to ensure your success and satisfaction.

Content Creation Services: Crafting Impactful Messages

At the heart of successful digital signage lies powerful, engaging content.

Custom Content Development: Tailored for Your Success

firmCHANNEL's in-house creative team brings a wealth of experience in developing custom content for partners from a broad spectrum of industries. Despite the diverse nature of each sector's specific messaging needs, the underlying objectives remain consistent: delivering compelling messaging, presenting products and services attractively, and upholding the integrity of the brand.

Effective Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Our Creative Services Department collaborates closely with partners to craft the ideal blend of high-quality imagery, engaging video, and dynamic content that aligns with your clients' digital signage aspirations. Leveraging our extensive experience, technical expertise, and creative insight, we aim to fulfill your clients' objectives with precision and creativity. Our approach is designed not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, ensuring every piece of content we create makes a meaningful impact.

Installation Services: Comprehensive Support from Start to Finish

Our Pre-Sales Support is just the beginning of our comprehensive journey together.

Installing Digital Signs: A Comprehensive Approach

At firmCHANNEL, we understand that installing digital signage goes far beyond merely mounting a TV. Our installation process is meticulously designed to address the unique complexities and considerations of digital signage solutions. Our team of installation experts begins with a detailed site survey to identify the optimal placement for your displays, taking into account both visual appeal and technical requirements.

Signage Installation Overview: Ensuring Excellence from Start to Finish

At firmCHANNEL, we recognize that a successful digital signage installation encompasses much more than just setting up a display and connecting a media player. Our comprehensive approach provides all the essentials for a swift, clean, and secure installation process:
Digital Signage Displays

Digital Signage Displays

The core of your digital signage system, these screens can be strategically mounted in various locations, working either independently or in sync to form an integrated display network.

Unique Mounting Solutions

We provide specialized digital signage mounting hardware to ensure that each display is securely fastened, addressing both safety concerns and aesthetic considerations.

Custom Enclosures

Our bespoke digital signage enclosures are crafted not only to seamlessly blend digital signs into their surroundings but also to offer additional layers of protection and security for the technology.
Planning and installation

Professional Installation Team

firmCHANNEL's installation experts bring unparalleled proficiency to every phase of the setup process. Our team is ready to assist with your specific installation requirements, ensuring that your digital signage solution is implemented flawlessly.

Become a Premier Digital Signage Solution Provider

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Innovative Software

Leverage our cloud based digital signage software for effortless remote management of your digital screens. Tailor your message and manage your network with just a few clicks, from anywhere, at any time.

Versatile Hardware Solutions

Discover a robust selection of digital display hardware tailored to meet every need. Whether you're looking for indoor and outdoor digital signs, interactive kiosks, or video walls, we have the cutting-edge technology to bring your vision to life.

Simplified Content Creation & Deployment

Upgrade your messaging with our user-friendly content management system, featuring AI-enhanced editing tools for easy creation and deployment of dynamic content. Customizable templates give you a head start in designing compelling content.

Unparalleled Support

Benefit from unlimited access to web training and phone support with every active subscription. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your success and providing you with the support you need, when you need it. firmCHANNEL is recognized as a top provider of Digital Signage, trusted by businesses in Canada, the USA, and globally.

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