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Digital Menu Boards

Create Visual Impact


Digital Menu Boards are quickly becoming the standard to showcase food, whether it is in a grocery store or a quick service restaurant.

A digital menu board shows a more realistic expectation of what your food looks like and gives you better control of your content and brand. It also can point out featured items, best sellers and daily specials.

Boost sales by promoting higher margin items and dynamically adding promotions for perishable items. Extend digital messaging by incorporating displays in dining areas to entertain and improve brand loyalty. Incorporate high bright in-window displays to attract customers from outside your location.

Adding your menu to a digital signage board allows customers to see clearly what's available

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digital menu boards - up to date content

Up to Date Content

Update menu boards with a few clicks, spending less time and money
digital menus - promote specials


Promote products that are high in inventory and items that are new to the menu
digital menus - cut costs

Cut Costs

Cut costs including printing and shipping menu board inserts

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