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Touch Screen Digital Kiosks

Built for 24 hour a day, 7 day a week operation.

Strategically Position Moveable Digital Kiosks to Maximize Exposure

Digital kiosks fit beautifully into many different scenarios to create a memorable user experience. Help visitors find where they need to go quickly and easily with an interactive wayfinding experience. Enable simple to use, yet dynamic self-ordering systems for restaurant and retail environments. Create engaging and immersive learning systems to educate staff, customers or visitors. By integrating our powerful, real-time video chat platform, Video Presence, you can take your in-field customer service to the next level. The possibilities are endless.

Smartly designed interactive Digital Kiosks, built for 24 hour a day, 7 day a week operation.
Using interactive kiosks can strengthen customer loyalty, enhance brand awareness, streamline processes and even become revenue generating by including third party advertisements. Take advantage of our experience to help you create the best possibly experience and get the results you are looking for. And if you don’t have a Content Management System (CMS) to manage the content on your digital kiosks, we offer a cloud-based digital signage management platform that can do it all right from a browser, anywhere in the world.
You can place these wireless touch screen Interactive Kiosks anywhere to attract customers and increase brand awareness.

Digital Kiosk Highlights

  • Digital kiosks give you the opportunity to directly influence purchasing decisions right at the point of purchase.
  • Digital kiosks placed in waiting areas can greatly reduce perceived wait times
  • Using our Video Presence 2-way video chat platform, a single employee can monitor multiple locations and speak directly with visitors and patients.
  • Interactive kiosks can provide wayfinding to help visitors find their way around

Digital Kiosk Features

  • Explore some of the core features that make video walls an impactful display solution. Read: Digital Kiosk Features.

Digital Kiosk Hardware

  • Examine hardware details for different video wall screens to determine the right fit for your needs. Read: Digital Kiosks Hardware.
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Digital Kiosk Features


Commercial Grade Kiosks

Interactive kiosks that are built for the rigors of 24/7 use, so you stay up and running.


All interactive kiosks have available casters for easy relocation.

Cellular Connectivity

We utilize commercial cellular routers to ensure your connection stays up.
digital signage installation


We supply everything you need to make the installation quick, tidy and secure.

Training & Support

Our team of specialists in our R&D facilities are ready to help you when you need it.

Digital Kiosk Hardware

Our line of smartly designed interactive digital kiosks come in many styles and configurations that are sure to meet the communication goals for many industries.


Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Wall and floor standing with integrated 5 liter hand sanitizer.

  • Available in 15 or 22"
  • All Metal Enclosure design for commercial use.
  • Android 7.1, RK3288, 2GB RAM, 8GB storage
  • Auto - Sensor Controlled Dispenser for No-Touch Operation
  • Can be filled with various disinfectants - Gel, liquid, foam
  • High Capacity 5000ML
  • Easy Refill. Light sensor will show Full/Medium/Low Status
  • Remote monitoring usage times and capacity alarm
  • Battery optional to supply power
digital kiosk lamina28digital kiosk lamina 28

Lamina 28”

Represent your brand in Ultra HD with vivid images and video.

  • Available in both standard and 6 point touch interactive.
  • Smart HDMI – Display sleeps/wakes up based on the HDMI signal
  • Automatic Timer
  • Additional shelves can be added to showcase products
  • Available in touch and non-touch versions
digital kiosk lamina50lamina50-2b

Lamina Touch 32”-40”-50”-58”

Create an impact with large 4K interactive kiosks.

  • Available in both standard and 6 point touch interactive.
  • Great marketing tool to help advertisers promote their products and services
  • Additional accessories including mobile base with lockable wheels that makes it easy to move
  • Large screen size allows you to put a lot of content targeting many audiences at once
digital kiosk Sandwich Board 32sandwichboard-32b

Sandwich Board 32”

A portable and cost-effective way to attract customers.

  • The advanced construction of the sandwich boards allows it to be used in double sided (mirrored) mode.
  • Portable so you can easily move it to any part of your business/facility
  • Cost-effective so you are not constantly printing and shipping new posters
digital kiosk lamina double sidedDigital Kiosk double sided


Double the exposure with a single digital signage kiosk.

  • Available in both standard and 6 point touch interactive.
  • Have the option to show the same content or different content on each side
  • Great for large facilities or offices with high foot traffic
  • Additional accessories that help promote your products such as shelving and a top banner
Angled KioskAngled-Kiosk-2

Angled Interactive Kiosk 24”-49”

These all in one kiosks are well suited for both touch and non touch applications.

  • All-In-one PC adopts Intel core processors
  • An elegant, powerful device with the ability to create, stream and share HD Content
  • Great for large facilities or offices with high foot traffic
  • All in one touch screen kiosks could be used in a wide range markets, such as gaming machines, hospitality systems, industrial automation, interactive kiosks, point of sale system and retail displays.
digital kiosk signodigital kiosk signo

Signo 15.6”

The signo takes interactive kiosks to a new level in an optimal and cost-effective manner.

  • It runs on a battery, which makes it easily mobile without wires and can be used anywhere (such as malls, dealerships, tradeshows and lobbies)
  • Additional accessories such as the motion sensor that saves battery life until it detects motion and draws customer attention
  • The product is lightweight (8.5 kg/19 lbs.) and is equipped with wheels that allow it to be moved easily

Perfect for malls, college campuses, retail locations and a host of other applications.

The kiosk is constructed using 14 GA. high impact steel and built to take public traffic and bumps and bruises. It is perfect for malls, college campuses, retail locations and a host of other applications. This kiosk can be painted any color you desire and can also include printed decals and kiosk wraps.

All-in-one touch solution for any environment

UHD resolution capabilities for incredibly clear content, increasing customer engagement with lifelike images that have been optimized to display exactly as intended.

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