Partner Industries

At firmCHANNEL, our resellers are business partners.

Our success is your success so we try to provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals. We offer as much or as little involvement as you need to be successful. We can assist with creating pre-sales demos, quotes, and RFPs all the way through to hardware information and specs. We work with you to understand the needs of your industry and how to best serve them. We back our program with support and training at no additional charge.

Design & Architecture Firms

firmCHANNEL works with you right from the design stage. We help you ensure that digital signage becomes an integral part of your designs, covering every detail from strategy to installation. Once construction begins we will continue to support you every step of the way to ensure a proper installation that provides the functionality, value, and wow factor you’re looking for.

POS System Providers

Integrated POS systems provide true point of purchase impact leading to greater upsell and cross-sell opportunities for your clients’ products and services. Influence decision-making with expanded information, customizations, motivational factors, and more. Instantly update content on kiosks, displays, and menu boards to be constantly fresh and up to date. Perfect for Retailers and QSR.

Signage and Print Providers

Rather than watching customers transition to digital, use your signage experience and expertise to add digital signage to your business. Leverage your long-standing static signage relationships to help customers that want to transition some of their content to digital. Incorporating digital signage into your business model can be the catalyst that transforms your company and services your customers now and into the future.

A\V Companies

Take advantage of your industry expertise to increase customer reach and create recurring revenue opportunities. Add seamlessly integrated digital signage to your display sales without having to worry about digital signage infrastructure. Our software even runs seamlessly on Samsung SoC displays without the need of any media players. Incorporating digital signage into your business model is a natural fit that can significantly impact your bottom line.

Content Providers/ Marketing Agencies

As a medium, digital signage is the perfect canvas for your creative, eye-catching content. Instead of distracting from your message, digital signs maximize the effectiveness and impact of your content, providing a powerful solution for your clients. As a partner, firmCHANNEL works as a seamless part of your organization, taking care of all of the technical aspects of digital signage, so you can focus on creating awesome content.

System Integrators

We help systems integrators like you create scalable, highly secure and flexible digital signage networks, all backed by unlimited training and support at no additional charge. Deploy across wired, WiFi, and cellular connections as varying environments permit.

Request a Demo

When you request a demo, our digital signage experts will reach out to you to learn about your communications needs to get a deeper understanding of you, your challenges and goals. We will schedule a meeting with you and your team where we will demonstrate and discuss how our hardware, software, technology, and services can address your objectives. Request your demo today:
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