Digital Signage for

Property Management

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Effective Tenant Communication

Informed staff and tenants can make property management easier. Digital signage helps keep your facility running smoothly with current information delivery and practical functionality. It also adds a sophisticated and modern look.

Display building directories, advertise tenants of maintenance schedules and show upcoming events. Create a great customer experience with digital signage that can come in the form of kiosks, video walls or interactive touchscreens.

Communicate important information to tenants and take advantage of key features such as wayfinding, safety features, emergency broadcast and more.

Keep your audience informed.

  • Visualize relevant messages and updates in a most attractive way
  • Increase content flexibility and customization
  • Welcome visitors to your property with personalized messages
  • Entertain and decrease elevator wait time
  • Inform about fire alarms testing or other property’s maintenance procedures
  • Advertise upcoming events and activities

Reduce Costs

  • Manage your network remotely
  • Cost reduction on printing and installation
  • Save on logistics costs

Safety Improvement

  • Display directions
  • Alert notifications and actions required
  • Instant broadcast
Solutions for Property Management

Powerful Hardware and Technologies that Drive your Digital Signage System

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