Digital Signage for

Hospitality Venues

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Create Guest Loyalty

The inherent high traffic nature of hotels and hospitality venues provide a great opportunity for corporate branding and communication.

Keep your guests entertained and informed while creating a modern and visually appealing facility. Simplify communications with digital displays in lobbies, elevator banks, conference/banquet areas and restaurants. Streamline concierge services with touch interactive displays and improve location services with interactive wayfinding kiosks.

Provide guests with dynamic flight departure and arrival information. Create a safe environment by instantly converting your displays into an emergency broadcast system.

Create an immersive digital experience, so each individual has a personal interaction with your brand.

Efficient Communication

  • Highlight facility amenities and services
  • Promote in-house activities and entertainment schedules
  • Display daily menus and catering services
  • Provide dynamic flight arrival and departure information, including delays and cancellations
  • Add compact digital displays outside of meeting rooms to display room booking information
  • Utilize Emergency Broadcast Messaging to keep guests and staff safe

Engaging Guests

  • Utilize interactive Kiosks to streamline concierge services
  • Guide guests by incorporating wayfinding kiosks for easy location of event rooms and facilities
  • Allocate displays in concierge area to promote local attractions and events


  • Improve the customer experience with stunning Video Walls in the front reception area
  • Ensure consistent branding across your entire facility

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce time and printing costs of location maps, daily schedules and activities
  • Replace potentially bland printed materials with more dynamic and impactful content
  • Save on logistics costs for printed materials
  • Manage your entire network from any browser, anywhere

Solutions for Hospitality Venues

Powerful Hardware and Technologies that Drive your Digital Signage System

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