Training & Support

What you get when you become a solution provider for digital signage.

Our Customer Success Team will work with you to master all the features you need to be successful from the start and support you whenever you need it.


To ensure your customers are able to maximize the full capabilities and benefits of the content management system, firmCHANNEL has developed a training program designed to teach your team how to properly use the features built into the system. The system is intuitive, but the training team will work with you to ensure that you're comfortable and able to get the most value out of your digital signage.


From time-to-time users may require extra support to work through specific hardware or software questions. Partners are never charged for call-in support or additional training.

The firmCHANNEL Customer Success Team

Unlike some companies, the support and training specialists that make up our Customer Success Team are all based out of our R&D facilities. That means that they are the ones who helped build your software and therefore understand it intimately, giving you a better and more efficient customer support experience.

Support Hours

firmCHANNEL 's Customer Success Team is available 9AM to 9PM EST.

Request a Demo

When you request a demo, our digital signage experts will reach out to you to learn about your communications needs to get a deeper understanding of you, your challenges and goals. We will schedule a meeting with you and your team where we will demonstrate and discuss how our hardware, software, technology, and services can address your objectives. Request your demo today:
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