Support FAQs

Get answers to common questions about firmCHANNEL customer, partner, and product support.

1Does your solution include support?
firmCHANNEL offers an all-in-one license fee which includes software setup, training, and ongoing support. Our objective is to fully train you on the platform to ensure your organization is fully utilizing your digital signage network. If required, please contact firmCHANNEL Support by phone or email. Support hours are 9 am-9 pm EST from Monday to Friday.
2What services are NOT included in the all-in-one license fee?
firmCHANNEL has several service options such as creative services and custom app development that may not be included but are available if a partner needs them. Rates for those services are quoted based on a scope of work request.
3What happens if internet access is lost?
Your content is cached on the locally on the media player so it will continue to play, even without an internet connection. The only exception would be where the content is live-streamed from an external server such as a stock ticker or live news/weather feed. In the case of a loss of internet access, your digital sign will still run all your existing content currently in your media player’s memory until the connection is restored.
4Do you provide training on your content management software?
Yes. As part of the onboarding process, our support team will schedule online training to walk your team through the entire platform. If you have any additional questions after the initial training, our team would be happy to schedule additional training at no extra cost.
5Do I get a warranty on the hardware and software?
firmCHANNEL stands behind all our products. We provide a 3-year warranty on all of our displays and Windows-based media players, which is extendible to 5 years. Our Android media players come with a 1-year warranty extendable to 3 years.
6How long does it take for my screen to update?
Updates can be pushed to a media player in near real time or can be scheduled at various intervals.
7If I’m not satisfied with the service, can I cancel at any time?
All firmCHANNEL services are offered on a yearly subscription basis. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with any of our products or services, please contact firmCHANNEL Support and we will make it right!
8How do I get the latest version of the software?
Our team of in-house developers is constantly working on improving the platform, and we release updates and improvements periodically. Updating is done automatically. All updates are included with your annual subscription.
9Do you have content creation packages available?
Yes. As a full turnkey digital signage solutions provider, firmCHANNEL makes content creation services available to help your organization maximize the creative power of your digital signs. Our team of inhouse designers have experience designing specifically for digital signs and will work with your marketing team to understand and realize your brand and organizational communication goals.
10Is there a setup fee?
No. firmCHANNEL's all-in-one license fee includes software setup, training, and ongoing support.

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