Platform FAQs

Get answers to common questions about firmCHANNEL's content management platform for digital signage solutions.

1Where is my information stored?
The security of your information is of utmost important to us. We store and host all of your content utilizing the largest and most secure cloud infrastructure. Your content is encrypted both while at rest and in transit. For more information, please request a copy of our Data Privacy Policy.
2How can I determine if my player is connected?
Our platform continuously monitors your network at intervals you determine, to ensure all your players are online. You can view the status of any media player using our simple to use player dashboard. You can also set alerts that will inform you by email when a player is offline for a pre-determined length of time.
3If the connection is lost do I need to physically reboot the player in order to re-connect?
A physical reboot of a media player is very rarely required. Should you need to reboot a player, as long as there is connectivity, this can typically be accomplished remotely via the player dashboard.
4What types of files do you support?
The system supports a number of different file formats. Some of the most popular are: JPEG/JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF/TIF, MP3, MP4, MPG, MPV.
5Can your digital signage display content such as RSS feeds, social media feeds, weather feeds, etc?
Yes, our Content Designer makes it easy to add RSS News Feeds, social media feeds, and weather feeds.
6Can your digital signage display a web site?
Yes, our Content Designer makes it easy to display web site content on any display.
7What if I want to stream content that is not currently supported?
We can accommodate almost any streaming content. If there is something that is unsupported, we have an open API that will typically allow for integration with any external feed.
8How do I see what assets a media player has downloaded and what is/was playing on my screen?
This is done very simply with a Proof of Playback Report. You will be able to see what content played on which player and when. Furthermore, there are detailed logs available for all downloaded content.
9How do I access the FirmCHANNEL platform?
Our CMS platforms are SaaS based (web-based) application that can be accessed through any web browser on any device.
10How do you update content that is playing on a display?
Uploading content to any display is as simple as dragging and dropping your content from your media library into an active playlist or directly to a specific media player from within the Content Manager.
11How much storage do I get with the platform?
There is no physical limit to the amount of online storage available for content storage in your library. Scheduled content can be uploaded ahead of time, so when the scheduled time arrives, the content will automatically play.
12How many users can access the platform?
As part of your platform license, you can grant as many user’s access as you like. Each user can be assigned a security policy based on Roles-based security. Access by group can be limited base on predetermined security profiles.
13Can I assign access to certain features or limit access for specific users?
Each user access can be limited to certain features such as content upload, assigning content, and network status. You can also limit users to specific zones in a layout. Our CMS systems fully support roles-based security. These are both a security and a workload distribution feature.
14Is there a maximum number of endpoints that I can have under one account?
firmCHANNEL is a cloud-based enterprise-grade Content Management System that will scale to an unlimited number of endpoints. We have individual networks with thousands of endpoints. In addition to an unlimited number of endpoints, the firmCHANNEL platform supports all your hardware solutions including displays, video walls, and kiosks under one platform. firmCHANNEL provides a solution that will grow with your organization.
15Can I use my own media player with your software?
firmCHANNEL’s hardware is commercial grade which ensures optimal security and performance. If your hardware can be configured to meet those security and performance standards, then it’s possible to use your existing media player. We provide a retrofit service certification program for 3rd party hardware that will confirm that your media player(s) meets minimum standards to correctly run our playback software. The first step is to contact us to review your hardware setup and determine the most appropriate course of action.
16How often should I change my content?
Content strategies can vary greatly based on a wide variety of different factors such as industry type, product/service, message detail, physical placement locations, type/purpose of signs, and many more. As part of firmCHANNEL’s turnkey solution, we will work with your organization to determine how often you need to update your content.
17Can I create content within the system?
Yes, your CMS license includes a Content Designer that makes it easy to create engaging content. You can also easily import content created externally. Should you require creative services, firmCHANNEL has an in-house creative team that can help with your design needs. Our Content Designer allows users to use an existing template or custom design template to arrange how and where content from your library will be displayed on the screen(s). The configurations can be as simple as a single static image that takes up the entire screen or a complex combination of many different types and sizes of content that make up the full display.
18Can I show videos on one screen and images on another screen in the same network?
Our content management system allows you to assign any content to any screen via the playlist for that screen. Different screens can play the same content or different content, in sync or independent of each other. You can assign a playlist to a single display or a playlist that makes up any number of displays.
19On multi-screen displays, can I show different content on each screen or does it have to be the same?
Our content management system makes it easy to manage screens independently or to display content across any number of displays in almost any configuration.
20Can I show one piece of content on one part of a screen and a different piece of content on another part of the same screen at the same time?
Our Content Designer allows you to layout your content into different regions or zones within a single display or multiple displays. Each region or zone can display different content, including mixing different content types such as videos and images. You can have several different independent content areas on each display.

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