Digital Signage Expertise

What you get when you become a solution provider for digital signage.

Digital signage is more than fancy TVs. An effective digital signage system is a combination of hardware, software, and technology combined with strategic know-how.

30 years of experience

With over 30 years of experience in technology development, we provide our partners with our expertise on how to properly implement a digital signage network to maximize your audience engagement.

Teams of experts

Our team of digital signage specialists can help consult on digital signage projects within various industries including retail, corporate, education, healthcare, financial institution, hospitality, and much more. As experienced experts, our specialists can provide insights and direction on everything from which products and services are best suited for a given situation, to strategic placement of signs for optimal effectiveness.

Support and training

The firmCHANNEL dedication to expertise extends to our Training and Support teams. As part of our R&D department they know the products and technology intimately, thereby providing better and more efficient support and training services.

Planning and installation

Proper planning and installation is an important aspect that is often overlooked by some signage providers. In order to be effective, a digital sign must be placed where it will have the most impact for its intended audience. Additionally, proper mounting and connections prevent hardware mishaps and technical issues as well as aesthetic impact. It is for those reasons that firmCHANNEL emphasizes a complete end-to-end philosophy that includes planning and installation experts.

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When you request a demo, our digital signage experts will reach out to you to learn about your communications needs to get a deeper understanding of you, your challenges and goals. We will schedule a meeting with you and your team where we will demonstrate and discuss how our hardware, software, technology, and services can address your objectives. Request your demo today:
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