Proof of Playback

Keep track of playback and generate reports

Proof of Playback Reporting

firmCHANNEL delivers detailed report on exactly when individual pieces of content played, for how long and on what players. Data can be printed out or downloaded in CSV format and imported into a billing or reporting system. Along with the proof of playback reports, you have access to detailed user activity logs, and other reports such as player event logs, to help with troubleshooting.

3rd Party Advertising

If you choose to use the Content Designer to incorporate and display 3rd party advertising on your digital signs, Proof of Playback Reports are useful for billing consolidation purposes.

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Become a solution provider for digital signage.

With the firmCHANNEL Partner Program, you become a solution provider for digital signage. This tool will open up a new way to engage with your customers.

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