Digital Signage for

Healthcare Facilities

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Digital Signage is a MUST HAVE for Healthcare Facilities

Adding digital signage to waiting areas, hall ways, and common areas will engage your visitors with relevant real time information such as health tips, directions or facility information. Interactive kiosks are a great way to welcome visitors with a modern look of the facility using a digital directory. Digital signage solutions is a most effective way to visualize content and convey your message to an audience. Dynamic visual communication is easy to consume and very user-friendly.

Healthcare is changing at a rapid pace.

Digital signage is an opportunity to visually communicate utilizing content that is interactive, engaging and educational. This is accomplished using a variety of visual communication mediums such as video walls to recognize donors, interactive kiosks to provide wayfinding services, self-service kiosks to expedite check in, information screens in high traffic areas to communicate new services, as well as zoned cable television displays in waiting areas to reduce perceived wait times.

Deliver important messaging clearly and effectively while improving operational efficiency and patient confidence.

Visitor and Patient Communication

  • Consistently and effectively communicate with employees regardless of office size or number of locations
  • Interactive Wayfinding and Directory displays increase faculty satisfaction
  • Cafeteria and menu boards can display accurate nutrition information
  • Information displays in high traffic areas increase awareness of services
  • Self-service kiosks for improved check-in times
  • Entertainment displays in waiting areas decrease perceived wait times with live TV, newsfeeds and local weather

Increased safety

  • Quick Broadcast – Send emergency notifications to alert visitors, patients and staff in emergency situations

Internal Communication

  • Staff recognition displays increase employee morale
  • Informational displays keep staff aware of current policies and procedures

Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Powerful Hardware and Technologies that Drive your Digital Signage System

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