Digital Signage Hardware FAQs

Get answers to common questions about firmCHANNEL's digital signage and media player hardware solutions.

1What kind of displays can I use for digital signage?
firmCHANNEL recommends using ONLY commercial grade digital signs. Commercial displays are specifically designed to be used as digital signs, including 24/7 usage, brightness and contrast, portrait or landscape modes, and three-year warranties. Consumer displays are not designed for this type of high visibility always-on usage.
2Can one media player control multiple screens or an entire video wall?
We have media players designed for varying numbers of displays. Our Android based media players are perfect for 1 display, while our Windows based media player is suitable for up to 3 displays. We also have purpose-built video wall media players that can handle anywhere from 4 to 28 displays in any configuration (ie: 1x4, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5).
3Does the media player always need an internet connection?
No, your content is cached locally on the media player. The only exception would be where content is live streamed from an external server such as a stock ticker or live news/weather feed.
4What is the difference between a normal video wall and a mosaic video wall?
Mosaic video walls are a cluster of displays that are of differing sizes and orientations, whereas standard video walls are clusters of displays that are all of the same size and orientation. firmCHANNEL has controller solutions for each option and our Content Designer supports multiple display configurations.
5Do you support custom display configurations such as mosaic video walls?
Yes, we have mosaic video wall controllers available and our Content Designer supports multiple display configurations, including mosaic video walls. mosaic video walls.
6Can I use my own or an existing media player with your software?
We support almost any modern Windows 10 based media player and we will work with many Android 7 or higher based media players. We can assist with testing your current media player hardware prior to deploying. We recommend our commercial-grade media players which are purpose-built with hardened operating systems that are specifically designed for 24/7 operation and the rigors of daily usage.

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