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Digital Signage Technology

Digital Signage is more than just display hardware. A truly effective digital signage solution is able to provide value beyond visual aspects. The ability to create an interactive experience that adds value in multiple ways is what makes a digital signage system a complete solution.

Innovative Signage Technology

FirmCHANNEL's Research and Development Team has created a suite of innovative technologies that work with your digital signage system to enhance the user experience in multiple ways. By moving beyond the simple passive screen and integrating interactive features, your digital signage system becomes a robust and powerful tool that actively engages viewers, empowering them by making them an active participant.

Each feature is designed to add value to the user experience, expand audience understanding, and improve the way we communicate with them. When combined with high quality digital signage products and a robust content management platform, firmCHANNEL delivers a highly effective communication solution.

Continual Innovation

At firmCHANNEL, our R&D Team is constantly developing new digital signage technologies to make our partners more successful. We work with our partners to develop new features and solutions to maximize the value of their digital signage.
video presence

Video Presence

Video Presence enables on-demand, 2-way video chat from any touch-enabled digital display.

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Anonymous Analytics

Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics anonymously analyzes the demographic make-up of people near a display.

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gesture control digital signage

Gesture Control

The ability to interact with devices without physical contact using hand gestures is fun and health-conscious.

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digital signage beacons


Beacons are Bluetooth transmissions that can be used as proximity triggers for targeted content.

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Enable communication between devices allowing them to interact and exchange information.

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Easy to use and maintain, wayfinding guides people through complex environments in a cost-effective manner.

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