Commercial Digital Displays

Engineered for the demands of digital signage, our digital displays are built for continuous, round-the-clock operation, ensuring reliable and effective visual communication 24/7.

firmCHANNEL's Comprehensive Range of Commercial Digital Displays

At firmCHANNEL, we provide an extensive array of commercial digital displays, including high-resolution digital signboards, interactive touchscreens, video walls, in-window and outdoor displays, designed for continuous, reliable operation across a multitude of settings. Catering to various applications from dynamic restaurant menu boards and brilliant in-store displays to informative museum installations and beyond, our digital displays are engineered to deliver unparalleled visual communication, enhancing viewer engagement and experience in any industry.

DSB-EB Series 350nit 4k Digital Signboard Display

DSB-EB Series 350nit 4k

Available in sizes ranging from 43" to 98", the DSB-EB Series offers ultra-high-definition content with dynamic, vibrant colors on a slim, efficient digital signboard.

Designed to captivate and immerse viewers, this series delivers lifelike images through its UHD resolution, ensuring even content with lower resolution is elevated to UHD quality with advanced upscaling technology and picture-enhancement features. The addition of Dynamic Crystal Color expands the visual experience, presenting a wide spectrum of colors—up to one billion shades—for unparalleled clarity and immersion.

Technical Specifications:

  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD)
  • Haze: 2%
  • Brightness: 350Nit
  • Dust-resistant design: IP5X certified
  • Operation: 16/7
  • Media Player: Tizen-based SOC (System on Chip)
  • Smart Signage: No external media player required
  • Additional Features: Includes Tilt wall mount, 3-year warranty.

DSB-EB Series Features

UHD picture-quality

Qualité d'image UHD

Captivating UHD image excellence, comprehensive connectivity, and continuous 24/7 functionality.
Qualité d'image intelligente

Qualité d'image intelligente

La technologie Intelligent Picture Quality transforme le contenu de n'importe quelle source en une qualité de niveau UHD et optimise le texte et les images à l'écran avec des bords nets et des détails fins.

Système d'exploitation TIZEN

The TIZEN operating system enhances the overall performance of the display, facilitates effortless content management, and ensures smooth transitions and playback.

DSB-EB Series Specs

DSB-EB43 specs
DSB-EB50 specs
DSB-EB55 specs
DSB-EB65 specs
DSB-EB75 specs
DSB-EB85 specs
DSB-EB98 specs

DSB Series 500nit 4k Digital Signboard Display

DSB Series 500nit 4K

Available in an extensive range of sizes from 43" to 98", the DSB Series 500nit 4K digital signboard marries cutting-edge technology with sleek design to enhance any setting.

Powered by the Quantum Processor 4K, this UHD 4K display delivers unmatched picture quality, bringing to life a vibrant spectrum of colors with Dynamic Crystal Color. Its non-glare display guarantees that information is presented clearly and accurately, complemented by a slim, symmetrical design for effortless integration into diverse environments.

Technical Specifications:

  • LED display for digital signage
  • Resolution: (2160p) 3840 x 2160 4K UHD
  • Haze: 25%
  • Brightness: 500Nit
  • Dust-resistant design with IP5X certification
  • 24/7 operation
  • Tizen-based SOC (System on Chip) media player
  • Smart Signage with no external media player required
  • Includes Tilt wall mount
  • 3-year warranty with return to depot repair services

DSB Series Features

Vibrant Crystal Color

Vibrant Crystal Color

Experience enhanced immersion with a spectrum of one billion shades of color. Dynamic Crystal Color brings true-to-life variations, enabling customers to perceive every subtle nuance in the picture.

Flexible installation

Auto Level feature automatically adapts the display's orientation as the screen transitions from vertical to horizontal, enhancing versatility in any environment.


Every display in the DSB Series is equipped with dependable non-glare panels, ensuring improved visibility from all angles, regardless of the time of day.

DSB Series Specs


DSB-P Series 700nit 4K Digital Signboard Display

DSB-P Series 700nit 4K

Offered in sizes from 43" to 75", the DSB-P Series showcases a fusion of innovative technology and efficient design in a premium 4K display.

With Dynamic Color and advanced 4K technology, it delivers vivid, lifelike visuals that captivate and engage. The non-glare display guarantees the delivery of accurate information under various lighting conditions. Its slim profile not only enhances any space but also provides a sleek, integrated visual experience that complements the surrounding environment.

Technical Specifications:

  • LED display for digital signage
  • Resolution: (2160p) 3840 x 2160 4K UHD
  • Non-glare panel with 700Nit Brightness
  • Dust-resistant design with IP5X certification
  • 24/7 operation
  • Tizen-based SOC (System on Chip) media player
  • Smart Signage with no external media player required
  • Includes Tilt wall mount
  • 3-year warranty with return to depot repair services

DSB-P Series Features

Powerful 4K

Powerful 4K

Cutting-edge video processing technology elevates the clarity and consistency of every piece of content, setting an industry standard.
slim design

Slim Design

Slim bezels enable effortless integration into any environment, streamlining the mounting and installation process.

Clean Cable Guide

The clean cable guide feature directs maximum attention to the content on the display, diverting focus from the cables connected to it.

DSB-P Series Specs


DSB-OM High Bright Series 4000nit Digital Signboard Display

DSB-OM High Bright Series 4000nit In-Window Display


Maximize the impact of your storefront promotions with the DSB-OM High Bright Series, designed specifically for window displays.

This 55" display shines brightly in any lighting condition, thanks to its ultra-high brightness feature, ensuring your content is always visible and striking. Its slim, modern design fits perfectly into any display window, enhancing aesthetic appeal while maintaining durability. Equipped with IP5X-validated dust protection and innovative overheating mitigation, this display promises consistent performance and extended durability, making it an ideal choice for high-visibility content presentation.

Technical Specifications:

  • High Bright LED BLU flat panel display for digital signage
  • Resolution: 1080p (Full HD) 1920 x 1080
  • Brightness: 4000 Nit
  • 24/7 operation
  • Suitable for window display
  • Tizen-based SOC (System on Chip) media player for smart signage without the need for an external media player
  • Includes single pole bolt-down mount
  • Center of the display can be positioned between 51.38 to 85.38” from the floor
  • 3-year warranty with return to depot repair services

DSB-OM Series Features

Brilliant Presentation

Brilliant Presentation

In direct sunlight, the DSB-OM High Bright Series ensures outstanding picture quality, maintaining optimal brightness and a high-contrast ratio.
Content in any Storefront Window

Content in any Storefront Window

Crafted with storefront window displays in mind, the DSB-OM High Bright Series is tailored to project clear and vibrant images. Its capability to attract and engage audiences enhances the likelihood of encouraging in-store visits.
Durable Performance

Durable Performance

With dust protection and embedded functionality that mitigates overheating, the DSB-OM High Bright Series continuously provides robust durability.

DSB-OM Series Specs


Outdoor Digital Displays

DSB-OD Outdoor Digital Displays

Sizes: 55", 85", 85" Double Sided

Designed to thrive in the diverse conditions of the outdoor environment, our DSB-OD Outdoor Digital Displays offer unparalleled protection and performance.

Each display boasts IP56-rated certification, providing robust defense against physical impacts, dust, and water intrusion, safeguarding the device's integrity. This level of protection ensures that our outdoor displays maintain optimal performance and consistent reliability across a range of outdoor settings, guaranteeing that your content remains vibrant and accessible in any weather.


DSB-OD55 SOC Outdoor Display


Elevate outdoor messaging with a 55" display designed for exceptional clarity and durability in outdoor environments.

With UL verification, it offers dazzling visibility over 3,500nit brightness for 24/7 operation, enhanced by protective glass featuring anti-reflection technology. Underneath, discreet fans combat humidity, ensuring optimal performance. Its construction boasts IK10 impact resistance and IP56 Ingress Protection, guaranteeing resilience and endurance against external elements, making it an ideal choice for impactful outdoor digital signage.
DSB-OD85 SOC Outdoor DisplayDSB-OD85-back

DSB-OD85 SOC Outdoor Display


Brighten your environment with vibrant and creative messages displayed on robust outdoor signage.

Enhance your outdoor experience with purpose-built 85" displays tailored for outdoor use. Revel in outstanding visibility, even in direct sunlight, boasting an impressive brightness of 3,000 nits. Ensure optimal durability with IK10-rated protective glass and IP56-rated displays.
DSB-OD85-D SOC Double Sided Outdoor DisplayDSB-OD85-D SOC Double Sided Outdoor Display b

DSB-OD85-D SOC Double Sided Outdoor Display

85" Double Sided

Convey vivid and imaginative messages through resilient outdoor signage, capturing attention with their impactful presence.

Presenting two screens to showcase brilliant content and graphics on each side, harness the impressive 3,000nit brightness on both aspects of the display. This empowers users to enhance their marketing efforts in a single location with captivating and dynamic content. Achieve optimal durability with displays featuring IK10-rated protective glass and IP56-rated protection, ensuring exceptional resilience against impacts and environmental conditions.

DSB-OD Outdoor Series Features


Impact-Resistant Design

Our outdoor displays are not just built; they're fortified for the outdoors. With tempered protective glass and an IK10 rating, these displays offer top-tier durability, ready to withstand significant physical impacts without compromising on performance.

Weatherproof and Durable

Tailored for the rigors of outdoor use, each display in our outdoor series comes with IP56-rated protection, ensuring they stand strong against dust, humidity, and other challenging outdoor elements. This certification reflects our commitment to reliability and resilience in any environment.

Exceptional Visibility Under Any Conditions

Redefine outdoor visibility with our displays that boast a 3,000nit brightness level and 24/7 operational capability. Integrated with an intelligent dimming sensor, the displays adjust their brightness based on ambient lighting, ensuring clear, consistent content delivery while optimizing energy use and reducing operational costs.

DSB-OD Series Specs


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