Out of Home Advertisements – What is the Hype?

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It can be unarguably agreed that the leading tech organizations like Facebook and Google are preeminent when it comes to dominating the “Online Advertising Market.” Even then, when these trendsetters look forward to “Putting out the WORD” in the most productive ways possible, they turn to the old-school methods of advertisements – the Out of Home Advertisements! When it comes to letting the norms know about “What’s Cooking?” there can undoubtedly be NOTHING more viable and consistent than the Out of Home Marketing! The reason as to why these “Traditional” methods of advertising are STILL marking their dominancy in the Marketing and Advertisement Industry, the prime reason behind them thriving is actually pretty simple: If you want your message to get REALLY noticed, you go for the Out of Home Ads”!

What is out-of-home advertising?

The “Out-of-Home Advertising,” or more commonly known as the OOH Advertising, refers to any advertising media that is virtually available outside your home. While the modes of OOH Advertising can be a lot, few of the more common types can include Signs, Billboards, Street Advertisements, and Advertisements on Buses, Cinemas or almost ANYWHERE outside your home! Not only are these formats available online, the fact that they account for literally THOUSANDS of locations and MILLIONS of screens around the world is what sets them apart!

What Sets OOH Advertising Different from Online Advertising?

When it comes to the Online Advertising strategies, the fact cannot be neglected that they tend to be a little exasperating for the current Media Buyers. The reason why it turns out to be more of a nuisance and not a “Blessing” for the Media Buyers are the “Ad Blockers”! Since the “Ad Blockers” that are opted to block the advertisements online are literally widespread, the fact that those who don’t use Ad Blockers while surfing the internet are bombarded with irrelevant advertising that is extremely hard to withstand. Technically speaking as to why the “Online Marketing Industry” is not as fruitful as it was thought to be, the main drawback that is associated to it lies within the fact that if a particular ad does not make it above the “Fold” on a renowned website, the chances for it to be viewed by the lots are literally in nickels!

But contrary to the “Online Marketing” industry, when it comes to the “Traditional” Out of Home Advertising, such is not the aspect to be worried about! While you may be able to either “Skip” the advertisements online or simply “Block” them using the Ad Blockers, when it comes to the efficacy of the OOH Advertising modes like Billboards, Signage, Digital Screens, and literally ALL of the out-of-home options out there, you can simply NOT skip them! While these types of advertisements cannot undoubtedly be “Blocked,” there is literally no fold associated with it that can be feared to be lost beneath! While the Out of Home Advertisements has no scarcity of “Visibility,” they are certainly one of the ideal modes to promote significant, colourful messages that the brands are viably trying to aware the lot about!

Why is OOH Advertising the Most Trusted Advertising Methods?

While it cannot be argued that the Out of Home Advertising is considered to be one of the oldest forms of advertisements, it can viably be agreed upon that they are STILL considered as one of the most enduring methods that are available for advertising! The reason as to why they are still considered far more valuable than the modern purposes of advertisements, it can be questioned as to why OOH Advertisement is still being considered as the best there is!

The main reason as to why Out of Home Advertising is STILL being considered as a force to be reckoned with, depends upon one main driver; the concept of “Digitization”! The essence of digitization has literally BOOSTED the market of OOH Advertising. While the concept of Out of Home ads embraces the idea of “digitization,” the fact that novel models for managing media are gaining immense popularity! Since the fact that the concept behind the OOH Advertising is significantly being integrated into the “Demand-Side” stages, it would not be wrong to state the fact that this is what allows it to be trusted by the marketers all around the globe!

Trends in Out of Home Advertising:

The importance of the Out of Home Advertisements can be understood by the fact that they are STILL being considered as one of the most trusted modes of advertisements around the globe! While the concept of the Ooh Ads is gaining immense popularity, it is justifying that the brilliant “Trends” that this market is being introduced with, is what sets it different from the rest! It would not be wrong to state the fact that the traditional “Static Billboards” from the past are being modernized, and many practical strategies and trends are being implemented on it to increase its efficacy! Hence, shedding light to a few of the MOST significant trends that the Out of Home Advertising Industry has witnessed, described below are a few aspects that allowed the industry to flourish the most:

  1. Digitization of the Billboards:

    Advertisements over the Static Billboards are the days long gone! While the static billboards featured the advertisements that didn’t fulfil the purpose to the fullest, the fact that the “Digitization” of these Billboards is what leads to an increased audience engagement! The Digital Billboards can viably be seen in malls, airports, subways and bus shelters.

  1. Integration of mobile into Out of Home Advertisements:

    It cannot be denied that mobile phones significantly permit the OOH ads to be communicated directly with the consumers, delivering much more pertinent messages than the rest!